Dear member,


The enormous risk that climate change poses to our planet and future well-being is clear and compelling and people are understandably demanding more action.

In business, we pride ourselves on thinking long-term, with a strategic lens. That’s why we need to not just be part of the climate debate, but to get ahead of it. Delivering the major changes necessary to transition Ireland to a low carbon economy is now a business imperative, one which will define many key commercial decisions for years to come.

Today, as a key pillar of our Better Lives, Better Business campaign, Ibec launches a major new contribution on behalf of Irish business. ‘Building a low carbon economy – A roadmap for a sustainable Ireland in 2050’ sets out an industry-wide approach, an ambitious vision for a low carbon economy and a plan to make it happen. It follows months of detailed work and extensive consultation with members from across the economy.

Tackling climate change is not straightforward. It will involve difficult choices, but it also presents many economic opportunities. We have produced a short summary of this roadmap, along with the detailed report. Please have a read. It’s important all businesses are fully engaged and recognise the role we can and must play in reducing carbon emissions.

Separately, earlier today Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon visited Ibec for a round-table discussion with business. With Westminster in flux and Brexit casting a shadow over UK-Irish political relations, it was an important opportunity to reemphasise our shared economic interests, and look at how we can protect and build on them.

Thank you for your interest and support, please get in touch with any queries.

All the best,

Danny McCoy,
Ibec CEO