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Today Ibec launched the latest strand of Better Lives, Better Business, our campaign that aims to support business attract and retain talent by making Ireland a better place to live and work.

"Better Planning: reforms for sustainable development", is a major new report that addresses Ireland’s planning consent and appeals system, outlining several remedial policies to overhaul the planning regime. Efforts by Government and business to address the problems of inadequate infrastructure are being hindered by a planning regime that is unnecessarily costly and cumbersome. An overhaul is urgently needed in order to insulate the economy from the emerging risks on the horizon and to help underpin Ireland’s economic prosperity.

In the new report, Ibec calls for a series of policy recommendations across five key action areas including: 

  • Political leadership –the planning functions of local authorities across the country must operate a consistent level of service.
  • Regulation and oversight – full operational capacity to be given to the Office of Planning Regulator as quickly as possible.
  • Planning processes – streamlining of procedure by which An Bord Pleanála deals with Strategic Infrastructure Development applications.
  • Legislative reform – revisions to legislation governing Compulsory Purchase Orders.
  • Legal challenges – reduce timelines for any legal challenges.


To read the full report, click here. Find out more about Better Lives, Better Business at our dedicated website.

As always, I would be delighted to receive any comments or feedback on this campaign or any other matter.

Best wishes,

Danny McCoy

Ibec CEO