Ibec economic and taxation team

The Ibec economic and taxation team represents and informs members on a broad range of economic and taxation issues providing three core services:


Our regular research documents such as the Quarterly Economic Outlook provides in-depth analysis of the most recent Irish and international economic developments as well as Ibec’s forecasts on economic growth, inflation and employment.


Ibec economists engage with policy makers at a national and international level on issues of importance to business. We make submissions to government departments and state bodies on economic and taxation issues including the budget, taxation, investment, public expenditure, wages and broader economic and business issues.


In addition to our extensive policy engagements and published information, Ibec members are welcome to contact us directly. We can help you find economic information relevant to your business planning and budgeting needs, including inflation, GDP growth, wage comparisons and other economic data. We will also provide bespoke in company briefings on economic and taxation-related matters.

Fergal O'Brien
Gerard Brady
Alison Wrynn
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