What has changed?

  • Irish Water will now be more dependent on exchequer funding than previously expected. This reduces the potential for increased capital expenditure on water, wastewater and transport infrastructure.

Positives for business

  • The Government promises to ‘protect’ existing capex commitments, including water services and broadband, and to conduct mid-term review of the capital programme in 2017.
  • The Government will seek to streamline the planning process.
  • Better transport links to our ports and airports remain a priority.
  • Ibec welcomes commitment to apply, in the first three months, to the European Union for the revision of the TEN-T CORE Network, including applying for the reinstatement of the cross-border Western Arc.

 Outstanding issues and missed opportunities

  • It is now unlikely that Irish Water’s debt finance can be moved off the national balance sheet.
  • The artificial constraint on public-private partnership finance for new road projects has not been relaxed.

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